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Refresher Courses

Refresher driving courses are ideal if you need to boost your confidence when driving. At Pat's Motoring School we will help you to overcome your concerns and anxieties, and improve your driving capabilities.

Who would benefit from this course?

The refresher course is ideal for anyone who has not driven a car for a while, for example:

  • a student who passed their test before university, but hasn't driven a car whilst doing their degree
  • a recently bereaved person whose partner used to be the principal driver
  • a driver who doesn't enjoy motorway or night driving
  • a driver who does not feel confident driving in difficult weather conditions
  • a driver who has had an accident and needs to regain their confidence
  • a driver who has moved to a new area where driving is more challenging

With the refresher course our instructor Pat will help you to feel in complete control behind the wheel. With over 40 years driving experience (including long distance truck driving and coach driving), there isn't a single scenario that Pat hasn't had to deal with, and with his calm and gentle manner he will make you into the driver that you have always wanted to be.