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Learn to Drive

Do you want to pass your driving test? Do you want to be a confident driver? Do you want to be safe on the road, and gain skills that will last a lifetime?

Then Pat's Motoring School, based in Oxford, is just what you need. Teaching you to be a safe driver for life is our paramount aim. Not only will we help you to pass your driving test, but we will give you the skills to be confident driving on fast duel carriageways and country lanes.

When you have driving lessons with us you will learn to drive on all types of road - not just test routes. Obviously we will take you on test routes so that you know the routes that you might have to drive during your test, but we believe that there is so much more to driving than passing your test. With Pat's Motoring School we will give you the necessary driving skills so that you feel in control from the first time that you set off in the car on your own.

So how we will achieve this? Initially we will teach the basics first so that you are always in control of the car, rather than the car controlling you. With our friendly, reassuring, and skilled instructor you will quickly move onto defensive driving. This will include learning about  forward planning and how to react to what you see with care, courtesy and common sense. And finally you will be able to put all your skills together so whatever the situation you'll be able to drive safely.

Learning to drive with Pat's Motoring School will give you invaluable skills for life so call us now to find out how we can help you.