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This Oxford Driving Instructor Will Help You to Drive Safely

20 June 2011 17:06

Oxford Driving Instructor Pat O'Sullivan has been teaching people to drive for almost 10 years. However, his focus is so much more than getting you through your driving test because it is essential that once you pass your test that you can drive safely whatever the situation.

"Learning to drive is not just about throwing away the L-plates," said Pat. "It's about getting behind the wheel and knowing that you can control a car confidently rather than the car controlling you."

"Our driving lessons obviously will teach a pupil to pass their driving test in Oxford, but we also want to impart skills that will continue throughout a person's lifetime."

"Knowing how to react in different scenarios and weather conditions is essential. As a qualified driving instructor I have an obligation to ensure that my pupils will be safe on the roads the moment they pass their test. Our driving lessons focus on all the skills necessary to be a competent driver, which is why passing the driving test is easy when you learn with me."

If you would like to find out more about driving lessons in Oxford please click here. Alternatively call 01865 724531 to book driving lessons with Pat.