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What to Expect From Your First Driving Lesson

04 August 2011 11:17

Over the years I have taken hundreds of novice pupils out and I have been amazed by how many don't actually realise that they will drive the car on their first lesson.  At our driving school all pupils, no matter how nervous, will drive on their first lesson.

I feel that it is very important the pupils drive on their first lesson, after the initial disbelief that they are actually going to drive the car, they almost always instantly gain cofidence and as a result of this their desire and motivation to learn to drive increases significantly and they develop a very positive attitude towards learning to drive.

On the first lesson I introduce myself to the pupil and I then drive them to one of several nursery areas within Oxford.  Throughout this short drive I encourage the student to observe how I handle the car, I also point out different road signs and markings etc., so that from the time they enter the car they are learning.

Having arrived in the nursery area I do a basic eye sight check and the pupil takes over the driver's seat.  We then go through a 30 minute introduction to the controls of the car, after which the pupil is ready to move the car and off we go.  This will probably be the most anxious time during the whole process for the pupil.  However, we do have dual controls, so it is a perfectly safe environment.  Normally after this the pupil is happy that they are driving, they are relaxed and looking forward to their next lesson.