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Learning to Drive with Pat's Motoring School Would Have Helped!

21 July 2011 12:14

This is my final day for blogging at Pat's Motoring School and I do feel a little nostalgic when I think about it. No more chatting about driving lessons in Oxford, no more promotion of Pat's gentle nature and skills, all in all it is a bit of a sad day.

If I had had Pat O'Sullivan as my driving instructor I think that things would have gone better for me during my first test.

I knew that I was in trouble from the moment that I got into the car because my palms were sweating so much that I had trouble holding on to the steering wheel! I think that the examiner noticed my perspiration and primed himself for what was going to happen next! And I was just so nervous that I didn't even think about chatting.

Not long into the test I came to a junction which was obscured by parked cars. After a couple of minutes the examiner told me to edge forward because I had caused a traffic queue and I just didn't know what to do. As I went forward my hands slipped on the steering wheel and the car lurched in the wrong direction! At this point I think that the examiner was going to get out because of my lack of skill, but he put his hands together, muttered quietly under his breath and we continued!

Knowing that there was little chance of recovery just exacerbated my sense of failure and nervousness! But things got worse when I had to reverse round a corner. At this point a friend of mine that I hadn't seen for a while spotted me, waved and came over. She banged on the window and I knew then that things were getting worse! I pointed out that I was taking my driving test, so she apologised, waved at the examiner and left! Needless to say I mounted the kerb as I reversed and she watched my manoeuvre with interest!

So I failed. And in all honesty I deserved to fail. Letting me loose on the road would have been fatal - literally! My driving instructor was good, but I never felt confident and this is where Pat O'Sullivan scores highly.

Learning to drive with Pat will help you to be confident in your driving abilities. You will learn to be calm, in control of the car and in control of situations that arise. He knows the Oxford roads really well, he is superb at building belief in yourself and his sense of humour will keep you going as you face the enormous task of passing your driving test.

So take my advice and use Pat's Motoring School to learn to drive in Oxford.