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Driving Lessons in Oxford This Summer!

27 June 2011 16:47

If you are looking forward to the long, hot summer days and are desperate to be out and about then learning to drive is a must! But finding the right driving instructor in Oxford and driving lessons at the right price can be challenging!

We know all about learning to drive at Pat's Motoring School here in Oxford, and if you have driving lessons with us you will quickly learn to be independent as you pass your driving test and are able to drive on your own! Imagine trips out with friends and family to far away places, and festivals and beaches! Having driving lessons is an absolute must if you are keen to get out and get on!

At Pat's Motoring School we will teach you drive with confidence and skill. Whatever your thoughts about driving you will find Pat O'Sullivan an excellent teacher, full of patience, humour and sound advice. We are committed to not only teaching you how to pass your test, but you will find that our driving lessons will set you up for life. It is essential that we teach our pupils to feel in control of the car and to be ready for whatever situation arises. Driving is a pleasure when you know how, so that is what we aim to teach you, driving skills for life.

If you would like more information on having driving lessons in Oxford with Pat's Motoring School why not call 01865 724531 now.